All You Need to Know About React 18: New Features and Improvements

01-11-2023 11:32 AM

React 18 is now the most talked-about subject and trend in JavaScript. After much anticipation, the React team has finally released React v18.0, which includes the highly-anticipated concurrent rendering features.In this article, we will talk about React 18, its new features, and the changes that are done from react 17 to react 18.
React is a JavaScript library that builds fast and interactive mobile and web applications. It is an open-source, reusable component-based front-end library of JavaScript.
React is a combination of HTML and JavaScript.

It provides a robust and opinionated way to build modern applications.
In React 18, application concurrency is given more consideration.

This concept comprises APIs such as createRoot, hydrateRoot, renderToPipeableStream, and renderToReadableStream, as well as functions like Automatic Batching, Transition, and Suspense. Along with changes on Strict Mode and the deprecation of ReactDOM, it also provides hooks like useId, useTransition, useDeferredValue, useSyncExternalStore, and useInsertionEffect. render as well as renderToString,Now we will discuss these concepts .
All state modifications made using event handlers are grouped together using React’s built-in batching functionality. It prevents the files from going through a pointless rendering procedure. React 18 also features a modified version of batching called React 18 Automatic Batching that groups all state modifications made by createRoot together.The process uses timeout and interval functions, asynchronous applications, event handlers, and batch state changes; the background of the updates is not required.