Announcing the Hidden Figures of Python Podcast!

By Akash
on 08-01-2024 11:37 AM

The Python Software Foundation is excited to share the launch of the Hidden Figures of Python, a new podcast series created by the PyPodcats. The Hidden Figures of Python series aims to uplift underrepresented folks and their inspiring stories. Episode 0 is available now on the PyPodcats website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and the PSF YouTube channel.

Hidden Figures of Python podcast series is hosted by the PyPodcats team: Cheuk Ting Ho, Georgi Ker, Mariatta Wijaya, and Tereza Iofciu. Our aim is to highlight voices of underrepresented group members of the Python community.

Within the realm of popular Python community podcasts, women make up less than 15% of podcast speaker guests.We know that there are in fact many underrepresented members in our community who are contributing to the Python community, and they deserve to be seen and heard by the rest of us.By creating this podcast series, we hope for the rest of the Python community to learn more about the underrepresented community members and to appreciate their contributions to the global Python community.

The Hidden Figures of Python Podcast has been created with care by treasured members of the Python and PSF community. We congratulate and applaud Cheuk, Georgi, Mariatta, and Tereza for launching the series and for everything they contribute to Python and the PSF!
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