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Bootstrap v5.3.1 is here with bug fixes

By Akash
on 05-09-2023 11:42 AM

Color modes:
Increased color contrast for dark mode by replacing $gray-500 with $gray-300 for the body color
Added our color mode switcher JavaScript to our examples ZIP download
Improved disabled styling for all .nav-links, providing .disabled and :disabled for use with anchors and buttons
Add support for Home and End keys for navigating tabs by keyboard
Added some basic styling to toggle buttons when no modifier class is present
Fixed carousel colors in dark mode
Fixed floating label disabled text color
.text-bg-* utilities now use CSS variables
Add new $navbar-dark-icon-color Sass variable
Removed duplicate $alert Sass variables
Added a new variable for $vr-border-width to customize the vertical rule helper width
Added search to our homepage
Improved responsive behavior on Dashboard example
Improved dark mode rendering of Cheatsheet examples