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Build epic Flutter games to assist in the battle to defend the planet

15-01-2024 11:14 AM

We know Flutter devs love a good challenge, so just in time for the new year, we’re excited to announce the next Flutter challenge!
The Global Gamers Challenge is an 8 week contest to design, build, and publish sustainable games, sponsored by Flutter and Global Citizen. The contest’s winners will receive a trip to NYC in September 2024 to meet some of the Flutter team for a day of workshops and mentorship, and then celebrate their achievements with up to 60,000 other Global Citizens at Global Citizen Festival 2024.
Sustainable games use the power of play to inspire positive environmental action. Imagine Candy Crush, but instead of crushing candies, you’re crushing plastic pollution! Or, picture a game like Super Dash, but instead of collecting acorns, you’re in Dash’s home figuring out how to cool the house by optimizing a path for airflow using windows instead of the AC. Here are some more ideas inspired by Global Citizen campaigns running right now.
1.Encourage a reduction in home energy use .

Data shows that American homes average three times more electricity use than typical homes across the rest of the globe. Can you build a game that helps to reduce reliance on inefficient energy sources?

2.Encourage a reduction in use of single-use plastics

Southeast Asia has some of the highest levels of plastic pollution in the world. Consider building a game that encourages someone to make a swap, like opting for a reusable water bottle over a single-use one.

3.Encourage use of public transportation for short distances and overland options for longer distances

Europe is home to many of the world’s greatest public transportation systems. Effective games can encourage people to use local public transit for shorter distances, and overland transport, like trains rather than planes) for longer distances.

We’re confident that games can encourage players to take small, real life, actions that add up to a large impact for the environment. In fact, if you’d like to take direct action on these items, check out the campaigns Global Citizen is running now.

This contest was inspired by the Playing for the Planet Alliance, a United Nations-facilitated alliance of 50 game studios and companies, including Google, with a mission to reduce the industry’s environmental impact and leverage the power of gaming to bring awareness to and coordinate action for important environmental issues like climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution.