BWL Sticky Animated News Ticker jQuery Plugin

10-10-2023 11:27 AM

Create a responsive, animated breaking news & RSS feed jQuery ticker for your site within a min. Ticker Comes with ten colorful themes and 15 attractive animation options.

Well commented jQuery & W3C validate HTML5 markup gives you the super flexibility to customize and setup plugins according to site requirement.Plugin allows you to display the news ticker in 3 positions. They are Sticky Header Ticker, Sticky Footer Ticker, and Inline Ticker. You can change the ticker position quickly by changing the position value in the settings code. It’s super easy to do!

The Plugin has ten built-in colorful skins/themes that allow you to display a nice news ticker matched with the site color. Also, the plugin gives you flexible options to create custom color schemes.Plugin has 15 attractive animation schemes that will give an awesome and unique user experience(UX) for you’re users while they read news in the ticker.Quick and easy navigation system allows you’re users to show/hide ticker panel, next and previous buttons for controlling news and added stop news scroll feature on mouse hover.

Plugin comes with RTL enabled mode features that gives you a quick option to display news ticker in Arabic language powered websites. You just need to set RTL options value as TRUE in settings and you’re done.