C# Spotlight: Earn Cert and Dice Advice.

07-09-2023 06:28 AM

Microsoft’s venerable C# programming language is in the news this week as the company announced a new foundational certification one day before careers site Dice cited advice to become a C# developer.
The new Foundational C# Certification is offered in collaboration with freeCodeCamp, a charity that creates free learning resources for math, programming and computer science. The course will cover core concepts, syntax and practical application in software development, using hands-on exercises and projects to teach C# fundamentals including variables, data types, control structures and object-oriented programming principles, its site indicates.
By the end of the course, students will have gained the practical skills and knowledge needed to confidently leverage C# for building applications, freeCodeCamp said.
C# continues to shine as a leading programming language, essential in creating dynamic web applications, Unity games, comprehensive enterprise solutions, and more,” said Microsoft in an Aug. 28 announcement. “In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, having tangible proof of your skills and dedication can set you apart.