Developing Flutter apps for Large screens

By Akash
on 05-10-2023 11:41 AM

Last year, we partnered with the team at gSkinner to develop Wonderous, a reference app to showcase the high-quality experiences possible with Flutter.

One of the goals for creating Wonderous was to provide an open-source example that demonstrates best practices. In that same spirit, we audited Wonderous against Android’s large screen guidelines. We wanted to ensure a high-quality Flutter app across all Android devices. Android has three tiers for meeting their guidelines:

large screen ready — app runs on full screen (or full window in multi-window mode), but app layout might not be ideal

large screen optimized — app layout is optimized for all screen sizes and handles external input devices
large screen differentiated — app designed specifically with foldables in mind, ensuring the layout supports table-top mode with the hinge

In January 2023, we updated the Wonderous app to adapt to different device formats. While these updates made the app “large screen ready”, the app wasn’t yet “large screen optimized”. So we again engaged gSkinner to elevate Wonderous to Tier 2 (or better) and optimized for Android’s new large screen pixel devices. In this article, we share what we learned and what you should consider as you develop your app to meet Android’s large screen guidelines.