Flutter 2023 Q1 survey — API breaking changes, deep linking, and more

By Akash
on 20-09-2023 06:13 AM

The Flutter team has been running a quarterly user survey program since its 1.0 release in 2018. The 19th survey was announced in the first quarter of 2023, collecting 13,378 responses over the 14-day window. The survey intended to collect timely feedback from Flutter developers, and included questions about the following subjects:

Overall, 93% of respondents were positively satisfied (somewhat + very satisfied), with 55% being very satisfied. This number has been consistent since August 2022. It’s also notable that developers continued to be highly satisfied with Flutter, because the number of users increased by 24% over this period.In this section, we asked how respondents feel about Flutter’s recent growth. We believe that developers’ perception of Flutter’s growth influences their decision to continue using it, and we wanted to know if our perception matches that of our users.When we asked the respondents to rate the recent growth, 80% said that Flutter’s growth in popularity is fast, as shown in the following graph. This matches our data, which shows that the number of monthly active users has increased by 24% over the last 3 quarters, as previously mentioned.