Flutter 3 Released: Top New Features and Updates You Need to Know

14-10-2023 10:53 AM

We all are in no state of a surprise after the launch of Google’s midnight prodigy; Flutter 3 has been launched at Google I/O 2022. As we all live in the technology-centric world, witnessing such booming news is a new normal.So why not we all talk more about Google’s yet another creation, Flutter 3? Here we are going to learn about the journey of Flutter 3 up until now and what sets it apart from the others.
So let’s head right toward our destination without having to explore anything else, what say?So, here we are talking about Google yet another masterpiece Flutter 3 that is created to accomplish its motive by being built with more platforms.
With Flutter 3, you can craft Avant-grade experiences for 6 platforms from a single codebase, by helping developers with productivity left to put effort into other tasks and allowing startups to put forward new ideas to the full addressable market from the very beginning.In Flutter’s earlier versions, Google supplemented iOS and Android with web and Windows support, and now Flutter 3 adds stable support for macOS and Linux apps. The motive is to help you with the flexibility to have the complete benefit of the underlying operating system while sharing as much UI and logic as you please.
It will not be a stretch to say that Flutter has been doing miracles so far. If we talk about the period when Flutter was launched to revolutionize the domain of app development, we will be walking miles together to continue to chat!
Whether it is about merging the iterative development model of the web with hardware-accelerated graphics rendering or pixel-level control that were earlier the preserve of games.