Flutter News Toolkit: Portal for Creating a Rapid News App

By Akash
on 09-09-2023 06:34 AM

At Flutter Forward on 25th January 2023, Google announced a variety of new integrations into Flutter and Dart, some of the key features were as below.
1.The release of Flutter News Kit
2.Material 3
3.The introduction of FFIgen and JNIgen
4.Support for 3D in Flutter
5.The ability to embed Flutter elements into web applications
6.Dart 3 alpha

And many more!The focus of this article will be on the integration of the Flutter News Toolkit right from scratch.
Flutter unveiled the first version of its news toolkit, promising up to an 80% reduction in development time. The toolkit aims to provide a comprehensive solution for developing a news app that includes both front-end and back-end development.
With Dart Frog, a powerful tool for developing backends using Dart, the toolkit eliminates the need to build the backend from scratch, significantly reducing development time and effort .

Additionally, the ready-made template provided with the toolkit serves as a starting point for creating an ideal news app, helping developers quickly launch their projects and achieve their desired results more efficiently and effectively.