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Get insights into all your Laravel notifications with Paragraphs new package

13-12-2023 11:52 AM

When Laravel introduced Notification classes back in 2016, it allowed all of us to begin sending any transactional communications to our customers in a very simple, intuitive way. Chances are, by now you got tens of Notification classes in your product and you are sending hundreds or thousands of emails and text messages every single day.Wouldn’t it be nice to have a better control over it? Let’s say, after a client comes to the customer support, I want to be able to see what exactly did I send to him or her in the last 30 days. What did the notification say – was it accurate information in it or did we cause confusion? How many notifications are we sending every day? Which notification type costs us the most money? Do all notifications look great on phones? Do we have typos, do we have stylistic inconsistencies?

How is notification X triggered? How often do our users open notification Y? Maybe we should just remove it?

And so on.

The point is – the notifications are an important part of our product, it’s how we tell our customers what just happened and what to do or expect next, and so it could be very, very helpful to start managing them better. This would allow us to increase customer satisfaction and decrease our costs.

Good news is that a tool like that is already available – we at Paragraph just released a Laravel composer package. In just a few seconds you could get way more visibility over your outgoing communications