How IBM is creating a Flutter Center of Excellence

By Akash
on 03-11-2023 11:58 AM

Learn why and how IBM makes their clients successful with Flutter.The basics of a good client engagement include two critical factors: wise use of resources and timely delivery.
In today’s mobile and digital-first world, clients have exponentially increased their expectations for experiences, speed, personalization, and convenience. Using Flutter, developers and designers can create beautiful cross-platform web and mobile applications faster, and more efficiently.Flutter helps us deliver client projects faster.

By targeting multiple platforms from a single codebase, our team can prototype, refine and deploy client apps faster than ever. With Flutter, we can deliver projects three times as fast — without sacrificing quality.
During the early days of the Covid-19 crisis, the government of Bizkaia, Spain approached IBM to help keep its citizens informed of the latest actions and news. They needed a mobile app — in two weeks. With Flutter, the first version of the app was published in just 11 days. It quickly became the third most-downloaded app in the region.

“In such a constrained timeframe, Flutter came to our rescue. It was the quickest hard decision we took and one of the most relevant we made. Building the app both for iOS and Android was like having super powers for our development team and beating the race against the clock.”
— IBM Project Director Joanra Mallart
Delivering great user experiences is always at the forefront of our mind. However, many clients have tight budgets, which often requires foregoing platforms or features that would help their apps succeed. With Flutter, we’re able to exceed client expectations by building without compromise.