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How JQuery simplifies JavaScript programming

30-11-2023 11:52 AM

Simply put, there is no JQuery without JavaScript.

Indeed, JQuery provides the framework that JavaScript devs can use to build web apps. However, the programming language, JavaScript is the main tool used to interact with this framework and make it operational.

Just as a builder uses his tools to construct buildings more efficiently, JQuery provides tools (in the form of prewritten functions and attributes) to JavaScript developers to write more efficient code.

JQuery simplifies the code to interact with HTML elements in documents, handle events, create animations, and develop AJAX applications.

Another critical aspect of JQuery is its philosophy of unobtrusive JavaScript—separating JavaScript functionality (the “behavior layer”) from a web page’s structure/content and presentation. This increases the page’s accessibility, offers better maintainability, and speeds up page load times.

Learning JavaScript will help you appreciate the core programming concepts, and understanding JQuery will let you see how these concepts are implemented on the web.

Being comfortable with JavaScript before learning JQuery is essential as a developer. Therefore, getting a solid foundation in JavaScript first via Learn Enough’s JavaScript course (with free sample chapters) is the perfect place to start.

Once you’re comfortable with JavaScript, JQuery will be a piece of cake!

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