How to keep up to date as a C# developer

By Akash
on 09-10-2023 12:16 PM

As a developer, I bet you have a life long passion for learning and with the technology, there is always something exciting going on right now. Thus, how do you navigate in this world of constant change and keep up to date with news, which matters to a smart C# developer?There are plenty of great blogs about various topics related to C# but you don’t have to get too far away from good old MSDN blogs.Most of the C# developers use Visual Studio. It is great to have IDE and the Visual Studio team blogs regularly about new features, plugins and tips, which will make you more productive.Wanna see what’s new with the core platform? Follow this blog and you won’t miss anything related to .NET Framework.
If Web is your main domain, you want to follow ASP.NET team and what they are working on. Recently, they started publishing their weekly standups with the notes, which gives you a sneak peek into how the platform is being developed. Nowadays, following a single blog is not the best strategy to get your news. There are lot of interesting blogs and articles and you need to be subscribed to numerous RSS feeds. Selecting what to read will be time consuming and this brings me to the next section.

Newsletters are a medium, where someone else takes the time to curate the content for you. The traditional ones will land into your inbox on the periodical basis and there are few in a form of a blog.