How To Migrate a TypeScript App from From Node.js to Bun?

By Akash
on 05-12-2023 11:30 AM

Node.js has been a go-to platform for web development beginners and a favoured choice for start-up companies. However, since September 2023, Bun has gained a lot of traction in the development space.Ever since its introduction and it’s claim on being the fastest JavaScript runtime to exist, developers have continously tried to migrate their apps from Node.js to Bun to take advantages of this immense performance it brings to the table.
Therefore, this article aims to provide a quick guide for all developers that are trying to move their Node.js apps to Bun!

Node.js is an open-source run time environment built on the V8 engine by Google Chrome for JS, which allows the execution of JavaScript code outside the browser.Node.js provides an event-driven and non-blocking I/O modal, enabling it to build a lightweight, scalable, and efficient application. Additionally, building on the V8 engine also benefits Node.js as it gives faster development.

Moreover, it has a rich ecosystem that has a vast set of open-source NPM packages. Using those packages, developers can simplify and speed up the development process.Bun is an all-in-one toolkit for JavaScript and TypeScript apps developed by Jarred Sumner using the Zig programming language.It is built on the JavaScript Core Engine rather than the V8 engine used by the Node.js. By using the JavaScript Core Engine, it’s able to provide a better performance than Node.js, to make Bun-based apps drastically faster than Node.js.