How we built it: Ask Dash — A generative AI Flutter application

By Akash
on 16-12-2023 10:57 AM

As part of the Google Cloud Applied AI Summit, the Flutter and Vertex AI teams collaborated with Very Good Ventures to create an AI-powered Flutter demo app, Ask Dash, using Vertex AI Search and Conversation by Google Cloud. Vertex AI Search and Conversation empowers you to build and deploy search and conversational applications quickly with little to no experience in AI. Flutter was a great way to build a beautiful, customized search experience to show how both products can be used to build powerful applications in only a few short weeks!

Vertex AI Search and Conversation allows you to create applications that interact with your data with personalized responses demonstrating the power of generative AI. Most importantly, it gives you full control over what data your application accesses and indexes so you can control what information is surfaced to which user. All application data and user interactions are stored in your own cloud instance and are never used to train Google’s underlying machine learning models.

Since we used Flutter to build the demo app, we decided to use Flutter documentation as training data. We worked with the Google Cloud team to train the model specifically on the Flutter and Dart developer documentation to provide generative AI responses to questions like: What is Flutter? What platforms does it support? And what is hot reload? While much of this data is readily available in public AI models, this demo showcases how you can train a model on just your own data to create powerful AI experiences.

This article takes you through how our partner, Very Good Ventures, built a Flutter web application and how we connected the app in the Cloud console.