Introducing the Flutter Consulting Directory

By Akash
on 27-10-2023 11:06 AM

Design agencies and digital technology consultancies play a vital role in the success of applications. Enterprises often look to consultancies to help them build out proof of concepts, re-design existing applications, or act as a subject matter expert for development projects. Startups look to agencies to build their brand identity and create minimum viable prototypes. These trusted partners can be difficult to find.

That’s why we’re excited to launch the Flutter Consultant Directory.

We’re launching this new page to simplify finding trusted Flutter partners. We vet the partners listed in the directory to verify their record of successful Flutter projects, a sufficient number of skilled developers on staff, and their commitment to grow the Flutter community.

As part of this launch, we’re highlighting resources to help prospective consultants ramp up their Flutter expertise. This includes:

Make a copy and add in some studies from your own team to make a compelling Flutter case for potential clients
Testimonial from a top Flutter design agency, gSkinner, on why Flutter has been a valuable toolkit for their team.
Learn how consultancies can deliver high quality client projects faster with FlutterFlow. Read the blog post.
Learn why and how IBM built out a Flutter Center of Excellence with hundreds of Flutter developers. Read the blog post.
Learn how VGV created their successful Flutter training program. You can up skill your own developers, or your clients. Read the blog post.

To apply, agencies and consultancies should complete this Google form. We review submissions on a periodic basis and will inform you of your status in due course. We ask consultants to update their information on a quarterly basis to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the directory.