jQuery – Easy ticker plugin

29-09-2023 11:13 AM

Easy ticker is a jQuery plugin to add news ticker like vertical scroll effect to lists. It is highly customizable and flexible with lots of features and works in all browsers.

Two directions available (Up and down).
Can be targeted on any template.
Flexible API for extending to various applications.
Supports ‘easing’ functions.
Mouse pause feature available.
The speed of the transition can be changed.
Controls can be added in order to Play/pause or move the list up and down.
Cross browser support.
Light weight (2.72 Kb – minified).

This property determines the direction of movement of the list. Values: up & down. Default: up

The easing property allows to add some easing effects to the transition using the easing function available from the Easing plugin. Just download and include the plugin in the page and give the required easing function name as value. Default: ‘swing’. Check out the demo to get an example.This property determines the speed of transition. Values: slow, medium, fast or any value in milliseconds.