jQuery news ticker WordPress plugin

By Akash
on 06-10-2023 11:14 AM

jQuery news ticker plugin brings a lightweight, flexible, and easy to configure news ticker plugin to the WordPress website. This plugin adds scrolling horizontal tickers to your site. It can be used as a fade-in fade-out ticker too. You can enter your news via HTML editor manually in the admin dashboard.Drag and drop the widget: Go to the widget menu and drag and drop the jQuery news ticker widget to your sidebar location.
Paste the PHP code to your desired template location: Copy and paste the below-mentioned code to your desired template location (i.e in theme PHP file). Group (Mandatory): To display all the news without any group, set this to an empty string. Title (Optional): Ticker title, Set empty string to remove the title. Direction (Optional) : Ticker direction, Left to right (ltr). Right to left (rtl).
Type (Optional): Ticker type, At present, we have two options only, options are ‘reveal’ and ‘fade’
Pause (Optional): The pause on a news item before being replaced.