Laravel Bootcamp now has a Livewire track

By Akash
on 29-09-2023 11:02 AM

Laravel Bootcamp, the choose your adventure, style learning site, added support for Laravel Livewire.

Before this update, Laravel Bootcamp had already supported a broad array of technologies, including Blade, Vue, and React. Bootcamp offers learners the flexibility to choose the path they find most compelling as they build a fictional app known as “Chirper.”

With the addition of Livewire, you now have an even greater number of paths to explore. Whether you are a fan of Blade’s simplicity, Vue’s reactivity, React’s component-based architecture, or now Livewire’s server-driven applications, Laravel Bootcamp caters to your individual preference and learning style. Check out Bootcamp and if you know of anyone wanting to learn Laravel it’s a great resource to tell them about to get started with the framework.