Microsoft Azure CTO says it is time to shun C, C++ languages. Here’s why

By Akash
on 19-10-2023 10:37 AM

Mark Russinovich, the chief technology officer of Microsoft Azure, has said that developers must stop writing codes in programming languages C and C++ and the industry should treat these computer languages as “deprecated”.

The developers should rather write codes in “Rust,” a multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language licesed by MIT and Apache 2.0 (dual-licensed), due to security and reliability concerns in C and C++ languages.”Rust” is now being used within the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) at Meta, at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft, reports ZDNet.
“Speaking of languages, it’s time to halt starting any new projects in C/C++ and use Rust for those scenarios where a non-garbage-collected (GC) language is required. For the sake of security and reliability. the industry should declare those languages as deprecated,” Russinovich said in a tweet.
Microsoft recently said that 70 per cent of its security patches in the last 12 years were fixes for memory safety bugs “due largely to Windows being written mostly in C and C++”.