New XAMPP version for Linux and Windows

By Akash
on 19-09-2023 06:23 AM

After two months of hard work we are proud to announce a new release of XAMPP for Windows and Linux. New in both releases of XAMPP are MySQL (5.0.37), PHP (4.4.6), phpMyAdmin (, and OpenSSL (0.9.8e). The Windows versionWith XAMPP 1.6.1 we tried to make the Windows version ready for Vista. The beta tests were very successful and most people reported a very smooth XAMPP under Vista but there were also people still having problems. Please get in touch with me if you also encounter problems on Vista. Currently please avoid installing XAMPP into the “Program files” folder.
also contains up-to-date versions of: FileZilla FTP Server (0.9.23), ADOdb (4.94), and Zend Optimizer (3.2.4).