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New XAMPP version for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X

09-01-2024 11:15 AM

Life is no Ponyhof (a modern German saying): With an unusually long and arduous 8-week beta phase, we have finally managed to release and announce a new “final” XAMPP version.

In this version of XAMPP we mainly updated: MySQL (5.1.33), PHP (5.2.9), and phpMyAdmin ( The Linux and Mac OS X versions also contain updated versions of ProFTPD (1.3.2) and the Windows version updated FileZilla FTP Server to 0.9.31. And finally for all the early adopters we added current versions of the MySQL storage engines PBXT and PBMS to the Linux version of XAMPP.

As of today the Mac OS X version ends it beta status and enters the regular XAMPP release cycle. Thanks to Christian ‘kleinweby’ Speich for this great achievement and his work of the last months.