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Oracle ClouldWorld Keynote: The Future of Scale-out Data Processing with HeatWave Lakehouse.

13-12-2023 11:46 AM

Oracle recently announced HeatWave Lakehouse, enabling customers to query data in object storage with record performance vs. Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Databricks, and Google Big Query. Querying the data in object storage is as fast as querying the database—an industry first.

With HeatWave Lakehouse, you can now take advantage of HeatWave for non-MySQL workloads as well as MySQL workloads. You can directly query files such as CSV, Parquet, and exports from other databases in the object store without copying the data into the MySQL database. HeatWave Lakehouse also allows you to get real-time analytics across data warehouses and data lakes, fully automated in-database machine learning, and transaction processing in one cloud database service.

During Oracle CloudWorld, September 18-21 in Las Vegas, Oracle’s chief corporate architect Edward Screven will present a solution keynote entitled “The Future of Scale-out Data Processing with HeatWave Lakehouse.” Join the keynote to understand how you can benefit from HeatWave for your different workloads, and hear about the latest innovations including Lakehouse, machine learning, multicloud, ML-powered automation with Autopilot, and more. You’ll also see an exciting generative AI demo.

With MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse, users can query up to half a petabyte of data from object storage and optionally combine it with transactional data from MySQL database in a single SQL query. Data in object store remains in object store and is not copied into the MySQL database.