Python 3.12.0 Alpha 6 Released

By Akash
on 05-09-2023 01:01 PM

In March 2023, Python 3.12.0 alpha 6 was released! With several exciting new features, improvements, and optimizations, this release is a must-try for all Python enthusiasts. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of Python development, then you should really take it for a spin. But keep in mind that this release isn’t recommended for production.

The Python community has been buzzing with activities and events. PyCascades 2023 took place in Vancouver, British Columbia. The event featured talks and presentations on several Python topics. If you’re itching to get involved in the Python community, then you should know that the upcoming PyCon US 2023 has called for volunteers
Finally, the AI explosion is shaking up the coding world. GitHub Copilot has just announced Copilot X, a new vision for AI-assisted development