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React 18: A Guide to Its New Features and Updates

By Akash
on 12-10-2023 12:06 PM

The hottest topic and buzzword in the JavaScript community right now is React 18. Finally, after a long wait, the React team has announced the latest version of React – React v18.0 with its highly-anticipated concurrent rendering features.

In short, it’s going to give tough competition to the TezJS framework, which is also responsible for building UI components.Last year, in June 2021, the React team announced the upcoming launch of React 18 and what was to come. In December 2021, the prime focus of React Conf 2021 was the newly launched concurrent rendering features of React.
From the initial level, every developer in the React team has been very cautious about out-of-the-box improvements like new APIs (startTransition), automatic batching, and streaming server-side rendering with support for Suspense and upgrades to the React community.
As a result, they created a React 18 working group, where they invited experts, tech leaders, and developers from various communities to participate and share their knowledge to make React 18 better and more consistent. The primary aim of the group was to work collaboratively towards the seamless functionalities, features, libraries, and applications for React 18.

Many of the new features in React 18 are based on the new concurrent renderer, which is a behind-the-scenes upgrade that unleashes powerful new capabilities. Concurrent React is an opt-in feature that is only active when using a concurrent feature, but it will significantly impact how users design the apps.Now, the React 18 release date is officially rolled out; the official version of React 18 is available in the market along with React 18 features, updates, and functionalities. It will surely redefine the ReactJS development services in the coming days.

But no need to worry if the older version of React is still part of your project as this new React v18 doesn’t break your existing code if you are planning to upgrade.So, without any further ado, let’s walk through React 18 new features.