React 18: New Features and Improvements

By Akash
on 05-09-2023 12:35 PM

React 18 is now the most talked-about subject and trend in JavaScript. After much anticipation, the React team has finally released React v18.0, which includes the highly-anticipated concurrent rendering features.
In this article, we will talk about React 18, its new features, and the changes that are done from react 17 to react 18.
React is a JavaScript library that builds fast and interactive mobile and web applications. It is an open-source, reusable component-based front-end library of JavaScript.
React is a combination of HTML and JavaScript. It provides a robust and opinionated way to build modern applications
All state modifications made using event handlers are grouped together using React’s built-in batching functionality. It prevents the files from going through a pointless rendering procedure. React 18 also features a modified version of batching called React 18 Automatic Batching that groups all state modifications made by createRoot together.