CSS Graduate Scheme 2023

By Akash
on 18-12-2023 11:32 AM

We prioritise personal and professional development at CSS which is why we’ve launched a Graduate Scheme to ensure new team members can strengthen their existing skills while continuously learning and developing new ones.A few new members have recently joined the team at CSS and they are eager to grow and develop across departments like Business Development and Project Delivery.
jemimaThe main thing that makes CSS stand out for me is how they retain their employees; the length of time people have worked here is amazing. There’s just this incredible sense of loyalty and it promises a brilliant future.I am part of the business development team here at CSS but my main roles lie in marketing. I help create new and innovative ideas for both our social media and events that we attend. I’m also being increasingly trained by the sales department to transfer my marketing efforts into the creation of potential leads.

Upon being hired into the marketing and sales department of CSS I was worried about my lack of knowledge and capabilities regarding software. But, in these past two months I have learnt more than I thought possible, and my confidence in my newfound knowledge of CSS systems as well as my confidence as a person have grown unbelievable amounts.
I thoroughly enjoy my role especially due to the exciting opportunities which arise daily. Having completed my master’s degree in International Marketing I have been able to translate my studies into real life circumstances. I really enjoyed my degree and CSS has provided a space to put my skills into practice alongside the brilliant team in my department where we are constantly communicating and collaborating. However, my degree only taught me so much. CSS has enabled me to work across diverse departments, shadow senior members, and engage in hands on experiences, allowing me to expand my horizons and skills to other areas which peak my interest.