What Is JavaScript & Why Is It Important?

06-11-2023 01:13 PM

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language invented to meet the needs of the evolving landscape of the internet. Since its inception, it has grown in popularity and usefulness and is now present in more than just web development. JavaScript is the flagship of interactive web development, and as a result, it is all but universal in this industry.
Programming with JavaScript has expanded to everything from computer programming to programming NASA equipment. In addition, since its creation, Node.js has facilitated JavaScript for other purposes. Let’s take a closer look at some of those use cases below.

What is JavaScript used for?

In today’s modern landscape, JavaScript is used for everything, thanks to the introduction of Node.js. Regardless of how you cut it, this technology creates robust software for companies worldwide. In addition, companies like LinkedIn and Medium use it to create platforms for users to access their services.

JavaScript can create different kinds of software such as games, computer programs, web applications, and even technologies like blockchain. However, JavaScript is arguably the most popular programming language for the web. For example, more than 125,000 jobs on LinkedIn are looking for working professionals skilled in JavaScript.

JavaScript for Web Development:

JavaScript’s most popular use is for web development, and it is one of the most powerful tools a developer can have on their toolbelt. Developers use JavaScript in web development to add interactivity and features to improve the user experience and make the internet much more enjoyable.

JavaScript has expanded well beyond front-end development, which is where it started. More recently, JavaScript has expanded to the back end of web development and can be used across the full stack. This means that developers have front-end access to CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Destroy) methods and can now even be used on the back end of a website.

Furthermore, according to W3techs, over 90% of all websites use JavaScript. This makes it the most prominent leader in web development technology. Let’s look at some more specific uses of JavaScript in web development.

Front-End Interactivity: Web development is only made better by the increased interactivity and features that JavaScript offers.
Web Applications: Web applications are similar to websites, but instead, they get packaged into a neat little box, which improves control over security and more.
Browser Games: The modern web browser has come a long way; developers even make robust games that function in a browser.
Back End Web Development: Web development has come a long way, and now JavaScript is so robust it can even be used to manage the back end of websites and web applications.