What is the Future of HTML?

By Akash
on 01-12-2023 10:49 AM

HTML is an essential part of web-related product creation. Moreover, it will continue to be a necessary tool for developers. We can only expect new tools and features as devices become more powerful and tech advances. This ever-evolving language will remain crucial for web development for years to come. Of course, HTML will keep evolving. It’ll continue to give devs new tools and features in future stages. This approach can make creating unique websites more straightforward than ever. Our Full-Stack Developer, Jorge Espinoza, also had some thoughts to share about it:

“HTML is not a framework or library, so it has no replacement, and 100% of web platforms use it. Future features could focus on the cutting framework and libraries’ dependency. Also, it’ll be able to support more complex elements in native ways. In the same way, it will strengthen accessibility for people with different needs.”