What’s New in Laravel 9: A Deep Dive Into the Latest Major Release

By Akash
on 06-10-2023 11:26 AM

Laravel has been one of the most popular PHP frameworks for many years. It’s elegant, scalable, has become one of the de facto frameworks for developers and companies working with PHP. Laravel 9 is its latest release and comes with many new features. In the past, new Laravel releases have been happening every six months, resulting in a fair amount of questions, harsh comments, and confusion about Laravel’s new release process. With the release of Laravel 9 in February 2022, the framework has moved to a 12-month major release cycle.
This article explores Laravel 9’s key features. On top of that, we’ll also detail how to upgrade to Laravel 9 and start developing web apps.

Laravel is an open-source PHP web application framework known for its elegant syntax. It’s an MVC framework for building simple to complex web applications using the PHP programming language, and it strictly follows the MVC (model–view–controller) architectural pattern. If you haven’t used Laravel, you can read about what Laravel is and peek at our list of excellent Laravel tutorials to get started.