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What’s New in Node.js 19? Latest Updates and Features of Node.js 19

By Akash
on 06-10-2023 11:58 AM

I feel that the developer community could not ask for more with each technology coming up with new updates, features, and functionalities.This time, October has given us a surprise with a new Node.js major release and a new LTS (Long-Term Support) version.Yes, the Node.js community has announced the latest version of Node.js – Node.js 19 with its new update of the V8 JavaScript engine to 10.7, and HTTP(s)/1.1 KeepAlive enabled by default.

The latest version of Node.js v19.0.0 was released on 19th October 2022 with an update of the V8 JavaScript engine and many other features by the Node.js team.The release of Node.js 19 is now available! The latest version of Node.js 19 will replace Node.js 18 as ‘Current’ release line when Node.js 18 enters LTS later this month. As per the official statement by the Node.js team, Node.js 19 will be the ‘Current’ release for the next six months until April 2023. NodeJs community will come again with the new release of Node.js – Node.js 20 with amazing features. Since the released version is even-numbered, it will be promoted to long-term support (LTS) in October 2023 and receive support until April 2026.Therefore, we recommend you stick to the LTS release for product deployments. Anyway, we are going to try our hands on the latest version of Node.js 19 in future projects. And I guess you should also give the new features and functionalities a try for better development.So, if you are still using the older version of Node.js 14, now is the time to switch to Node.js 16 or 18, or 19 since you will get no support for Node.js 14 after April 2023. You can easily install the latest version of Node.js on your desktop or upgrade it easily with simple steps.