Why we’re expanding our Flutter practice

By Akash
on 09-11-2023 12:25 PM

Flutter helps us deliver client projects faster

By targeting multiple platforms from a single codebase, our team can prototype, refine and deploy client apps faster than ever. With Flutter, we can deliver projects three times as fast — without sacrificing quality.

Flutter helps our clients get more for less

Delivering great user experiences is always at the forefront of our mind. However, many clients have tight budgets, which often requires foregoing platforms or features that would help their apps succeed. With Flutter, we’re able to exceed client expectations by building without compromise.

Customers are asking about Flutter

Flutter has grown in popularity — as seen in the recent StackOverflow report that lists it as the most popular UI framework. As such, we’ve seen a sharp increase in customers coming to us asking how they can use Flutter in their applications. Developers and business stakeholders alike are interested in making use of Flutter’s benefits.

Seamless collaboration with Google

As a premier Google Cloud partner, IBM and Google already have a close relationship. By adopting Flutter, we’re able to take advantage of seamless integration between developer offerings while leveraging support from the Google team where necessary.