With over 1M published apps, Google’s Flutter expands its support for web apps and WebAssembly

By Akash
on 28-09-2023 11:57 AM

Flutter, Google’s open source multiplatform application framework, has been seeing quite a bit of momentum lately, with both Google’s internal teams betting on it for projects like the new Play Console App, the Google Cloud mobile app and Android’s Nearby Share app for Windows using it, as well as developers at Canonical (for the new Ubuntu installer), France’s SNCF and others using it for their projects. At Google I/O today, the team is announcing a number of new features for the project, which hit its 3.0 milestone at last year’s I/O and is now launching version 3.10.

Google also noted that there are now over 1 million published Flutter-based apps, up from 500,000 in mid-2022.

With Flutter being relatively stable at this point, it’s maybe no surprise that the team is working to expand some of its existing capabilities and to make it easier to adopt Flutter in existing projects. But at the same time, Google is also looking ahead to new technologies, with a special focus on WebAssembly.With version 3.10, developers can now more easily integrate Flutter components into their existing web apps. That’s something Google started working on a while back, but now, developers can use Flutter’s element embedding capabilities to integrate Flutter components just like any other CSS element — and then manipulate it just like a CSS element, too.